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As a registered charity we are a health and fitness suite aiming to help rehabilitate cardiac and stroke patients and also help the general public to keep fit, gain a healthy lifestyle and prevent heart problems. 

We also aid rehabilitation in the case of other disabilities.

Membership Made Simple





*Under 16's are permitted to use the facility during public opening hours. They must be supervised by an adult at all times during these sessions.


All our volunteers have been trained in-house to teach healthy exercise.   Some have level 2 or 3 in fitness or BACPR qualifications, and there is always someone with a CPR and basic life support qualification on duty.

Join us now for a comprehensive induction with very friendly volunteers who will make you feel welcome and motivate you to achieve your personal goals.

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How We Began

Plymouth Heartbeat was first established by Barbara Luckham, a heart patient's wife and Valerie Fryer a cardiac nurse in 1993. Plymouth Heartbeat was formed as a support group originally, to help raise money for cardiac patients, because at the time there was no support for cardiac patients in Plymouth. Patients had to travel to London to get any form of cardiac treatment. Later on, Plymouth Heartbeat was then joined by another 2 cardiac nurses, Dominic Earl and Jackie Scobie.


By 1994, Plymouth Heartbeat was registered as a charity, and became affiliated with the British Heart Foundation, and we still currently are.


The support group met regularly on the first Tuesday of each month at Tothill Community Centre temporarily until they got a more permanent fixture at Plymouth Argyle FC.


One of Plymouth Heartbeat's main aim is to raise money to help and support cardiac patients on cardiac wards at the hospital.

In 2000, Plymouth Heartbeat formed it's first exercise group for cardiac patients and their carers. A grant was obtained from The Wolseley Trust in 2002 that enabled us to employ a cardiac nurse and a B.A.C.R trainer for Phase IV rehabilitation. The exercise was so popular that by 2003 we moved to our current location of Scott Business Park, formerly known as Scott Hospital.

Plymouth Heartbeat is open to the general public, and we also help rehabilitate. Whether you have a condition or not we provide a structured program for your individual needs which you will love and enjoy.

These can include members with:



   M.S. Parkinson's




   High blood pressure

   Special needs/mental health problems



   and many more conditions


Members with special needs/mental health problems must be accompanied with a partner/carer.

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We have a wide range of cardio vascular machines, weight resistance equipments, and a Power Plate Exerciser to help you with your new healthy lifestyle regime, keeping fit, gaining confidence and motivation, and getting a positive attitude about your life.

We provide blood pressure machines for our members to regularly check their blood pressure. You can use these on your own, or you can always ask a member of staff to check your blood pressure. During your inductions we always check whether your blood pressure is ok, before we start your exercise program. We will then indicate where your blood pressure should be. If it is high, we will advise you to check it out with your GP, and we will keep monitoring your blood pressure over the first few weeks to see if it has come down.

We also provide a rest room where you can sit comfortably on a sofa to chat with people, read books that are on the bookshelf, or watch the television.



We stock different flavours of water, which costs 60p a bottle. We have a water cooler which you can use for free to top up your water bottles. We also provide tea and coffee at 20p each for you to have either before or after your exercise. Alternatively if you just like to pop in, say hello and have a chat over a cup of tea or coffee with other members of the gym or staff, you are always welcome.

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Would you like to Donate?

To be able to keep this fitness suite facility running we rely on new members joining, renewal of existing memberships, and on individual session fee's as well as charitable donations towards the struggle to help prevent heart disease. If you would like to donate, here is an alternative NEW way to help us raise more money for Plymouth Heartbeat:


Donate via Total Giving:

Click on the below link (picture) to  go to our secure page at TOTAL GIVING where you can send us a donation via credit card.

 We are also funded by:


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For the general public, the opening hours are:


MONDAY:         12 noon - 9 pm

TUESDAY:        9 am - 9pm

WEDNESDAY:  12 noon - 9pm

THURSDAY:      9 am - 9pm

FRIDAY:            9 am - 8pm

SATURDAY:      9 am - 1pm

SUNDAY:           Closed

For cardiac clients,
the opening hours are:

MONDAY:          9 am  -  12 noon
WEDNESDAY:  9 am  -  12 noon

Call Plymouth Heartbeat today on:


01752 568083


Plymouth Heartbeat

Unit 1 Scott Business Park

Beacon Park Road








Please join us at Facebook by clicking on the logo link below:





Chairman:  Mr Roger Herity

Manager: Julie Williams

For all G.P. referral's please ring Julie Williams first to book an appointment. Thank you.

* FREE easy access parking!

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